Here you will find details of the current Committee and what their role/function is within the committee structure

Current Committee Members and roles if applicable:

Dave Smith – Lifetime Club President

Phil Hunt – Chairman and Treasurer

Jamie Hobbs – Vice Chairman

Gary Fisher – Secretary

Parish Councillor Matt Fox – Parish Council Representative

Mike Redman – Parish Council Representative

Neville Mason

Jim Killeen

Brian Summers

Sean Trainor

Kelvin Rice – Bowls Club Representative

Andy Clarke – Tennis Club Representative

Chairman’s statement with reference to the recent parking issues around Brickyard Lane area during Football matches raised via Social Media:

Firstly, can we celebrate that we have a large number of children and young people playing outdoor sport, in an age when they are often criticised for sitting in front of TV and computer games.Indeed, Covid 19 has prevented the car-sharing previously encouraged, leading to greater traffic volumes on Brickyard Lane and surrounding streets, and feel we will need to work together with Feckenham FC and with the affected residents and all parties over the coming weeks to find short, medium and longer-term solutions for recreational activities in the village for a very large number of people of all ages.I am doing my best with my colleagues to address the problems, however, I do not have an immediate solution. Covid 19 prevents easy discussions and arrangements to meet and discussing the issues is difficult. Indeed, Covid 19 has prevented the car sharing previously encouraged, leading to greater traffic volumes.

A) Feckenham FC have again contacted their players and parents to emphasise the need to park in the correct places and avoid causing annoyance to local residents. They are again contacting the visiting teams to notify them in a similar manner. Staggering match start times is something that needs to be considered by Feckenham FC.

B) I am approaching the local businesses to potentially allow the use of their grounds for parking on Saturdays and Sundays, these discussions are ongoing. I do foresee a problem with Car Boot traffic trying to use these spaces if we are able to obtain permissions. I will report progress as it happens.

C) I am trying to contact the Car Boot organisers to get notices put on their Social Media to use their extensive parking facilities and avoid local street parking. Contacting the appropriate people has proven difficult so far. I will report progress as it happens.

D) The provision of signs at the entrance to Brickyard Lane, off The Slough, and Johns Close, off Brickyard Lane, would be a potential improvement, and we will be discussing this with the appropriate authorities, inevitably this will take time.

E) Could affected Residents appoint a spokesperson who could channel issues to the appropriate people? Unhelpful, random comments/posts, on Social Media do not really help the situation. If it would help, we could meet a spokesperson to discuss the issues and work with on sensible viable solutions.

F) I personally visited the area last weekend on two occasions and whilst I certainly can see issues I did not think it was as bad as the previous weekend when there was a huge Car Boot sale which can only add to the problem.

G) I welcome constructive suggestions from Residents which may contribute to a solution. Please email these to: [email protected]

I recognise that there are few short-term solutions and assure you that together with my colleagues, we are working on the above to find ways to ease the situation.

Phil Hunt – Chairman Studley Sports and Social Club (24/09/2020)